Vido todo intensamente


I feel like I strongly need to write this down and hoping it would inspire someone. That is the inner writer desire in me.

I always feel like to share some thoughts and feelings with people, and bring some positive changes.

Don't get me wrong I don't everything I value highly my right to privacy.

Vivo todo intensamente con sus consecuencias 

It means [ I live intensely, never mind consequences.]

I do mind them, a lot.

I am a good kid, for a very long time. I don't smoke, I don't drink. I don't party. I never break any law, not even speeding and got a traffic summon.

I study hard. I skip my teenage rebellion stages. I am basically a clean piece of paper.

Until certain age, like now, I feel I might be missing something. I all the while are afraid that I will do something that caused me to regret for the rest of my life.

How if the truth is it is more regrettable of an omission to do something that we should, while we can than to make mistakes in our life?

You can't and should't be who you are not. Making mistakes mean you are brave, not stupid.

You are not perfect, and your life is not going to be perfect too. However you are original, and you should not allow anyone to turn you into anything other than original.

You are genuine. Dig that.

You don't need a perfect life, you just need to live in it. 

Running away 

It is true that I have consider it many times. If I run from this life, from the exam what should I be? I don't have a clear answer. 

Sometimes my gut just tell me, go be anything just run away. Anything is better than this exam and the life you are living now.

It reminds me of what fear will say to me : [ Anything is better than a change.]

I allow my self to sink into this thought, I don't want to resist it. 

In the show of Super girl, when Megan said:[ I don't have a choice.] I like it when John replied,[Our choice is the only thing we have.]

I slack for awhile, but I am still studying.

Christmas Eve girlfriend, Civil Procedure

Sólo tengo que empezar a vivir una

I am proud of myself, I need to keep saying that. I need to draw clear boundaries and live my own life.

After the exam I will have to start working and do some crazy stuff.  

Okay, not that crazy but whatever.... [ Wrinkle ]


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