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Screw your admin fees

If you must know, I didn't run at all. I just walk.

It is still good to at least move a bit I guess.

The days has been nothing special but rushing the syllabus and keep try to figure out a better way to study, remember, apply and get over the exam.
I do get very pissed off when the government provide us with nothing but some below average staffs then I am going to pay for 1 K administrative fees just for that.
I am also pissed of the currency rate thank to the creepy and irresponsible, corrupt government behaviours. Overall all I want to say is, you are such an idiot to the ruling political party at the moment.
Nevertheless life moves on. We need to figure out a way to deal with this. I am going to need to ask a friend to print out the forms for me, since I have no printer at home. Then pick a day go to the bank to make a banker cheque and feed the greedy, nonsense, ultimately wicked system of government hoping it won't bite this time.