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Would you still pick me

After a long two weeks finally am capable of waking up in the morning and have a short work out.

The theme of today maybe a bit away from me mumbling about the exam stress, deadline and expectation of future life.

Fine, there will still be future expectation. Past, Present and Future are sometimes inevitably blended together.

I am thinking about the cliché [no regret] approach to life.

It is hard to define what it is. Regret is a bad feeling because it follows in your mind millions of other possibilities, What if?

Yet you can't change anything.

There was a split second you know that you should do or not do something at the moment, but you never catch that one in the past. Then you let your fear, anger or whatever selfish, timid thoughts and feelings that came across you to fill you. The next second you are overwhelmed with those feelings and made sequence of wrong choices.

We regret only because we once had a chance.

It is difficult to balance out the whole thing actually.

We alw…