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Result day?

Almost given up
Yesterday I just keep sleeping in the morning until 9 AM. The blame is half half. I am lazy and my dad made me stay up late at night.
He gets lonely and insomnia. My mum actually saying now you are not studying and working, tolerate a bit. He is old and you won't have much time for him.
I accepted that as a truth. Last night I stayed up late also. Then 7 am I force myself to wake up. Can't run, tired or just bad stamina, so I walk.
I just need to continue my point collection. If I didn't walk for 3 days at least this week I have to redo everything from zero.
Result day isn't a big day Previous years whenever the result release date last 48 hours I can see face book having all the nervous and exciting comments about the BIG DAY.

Now this year it gets different. 

I saw all the POKEMON GO and OLYMPIC and that's it.

Interesting. Nobody talking about the result thing. Isn't because it is the final thing so people sort of not care anymore or they just got too …