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Third day of the week
That's the thing I am trying to avoid the most, leave things to the last day of the week end up you don't feel like doing it.

I almost couldn't wake up for today and make it to the walk out.
I didn't run but just walk. Better than nothing still.
I don't want to force myself so hard that I end up hating work out or running.
It makes me feel really good when the day I can run.
First week total:15 miles. Second week total:13 miles. Third week total:11 miles. Fourth week total:19 miles. Fifth week total:17 miles. 6th week total:13 miles.
Mid rank distance.
First week running points: 3 Second week running points: 4 Third week running points: 3 Fourth week running points: 5 Firth week running points: 4 6th week running points: 3
Total points:22
Still way back to reach 90 days isn't? Doesn't matter.