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First day of period

When talking of period, what is the first thing that come across your mind?

Me personally, PAIN.

The first day of my period will be a painful day. The best thing is for me to sleep for the whole day.

Today I just go every way. From college to clear my college fees, to ptptn branch to submit my payment defer documentations, to be bank to replace my debit card, and traffic jam x 100000.

When I got home particularly exhausted but still feel like to update my blog.

Period is part of what makes me a female I guess. I always like the statement of sex is DNA but gender is what we choose to represent ourselves in a society.

When my parents calling me not girly I get pissed off sometimes. I am like so what do you want from me? I am me. 

Then well what they are saying are the truths too. Should I acted more gracefully and etc? Maybe I will try. At the end of the day I will always be a girl unless I want to do this gender reassignment surgery which I have never thought I am the soul …