Food diary

Hey! It's been awhile since I last update this blog.

Recently I injured my last toe of my left foot. It may seems uncommon to some people but not me. I injured them most of the time, bang here bang there.

Traditionally people called that clumsy or careless. It is me, whatever name to put on that doesn't matter that much.

Today is the 8th days I am writing down my food and drinks intake. I try to be healthier. Actually to be healthy you just need to do three things. Namely sleep early and wake up early,eat healthy and exercise.

Trouble is say is always easy than do it. Different people start things at different place, just always bear that in mind. I have my high and low among these 8 days and I try to urge myself to back on track when I seriously did it so wrong on that particular day.

It is like a marathon and the real test isn't about how well you are doing at certain segment of it but overall do you keep it still and be persistent. Otherwise you don't really consider you are doing good enough.

I have trouble keeping the food temptation away for a long time.

And the real strength comes from conquering your own self, I am trying.

On the other hand Clp never stop torturing my mind and all that. I am still doing this and I hope I passed it all one off.

You don't always get reward for doing the right thing. I like and agree with Tasha on this one----L word.


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