It is chicken year. I am a chicken.

What is Chinese New Year?

You will be able to google it. Maybe you called it a celebration.

Fine, it is also a period of days which give you a huge sense of guilty feeling. You drank too much,ate too much, sleep late. You break every rules that meant for a healthy and meaning lifestyle.

That's what I did.

It is over.

What I feel about true love?

Except the feeling of THIS IS THE ONE, to be click, is stay. It is easy to be with someone, when they are rich,healthy,pretty and kind.

Dark days are inevitable and storms will take place. I also agree that divorce should be available for people who figure out the relationship is irrevocably broken down, but I might forgot to appreciate the value to stay.

Stay,despite it feels like it is impossible to do it for any longer.

What is study and work?

Study is like learning how things work.

Work is like get things done.


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