Longing for....LOVE?

I literally have no game. I don't know how and why, that is me in any relationship.

Kind, funny, curious and loyal, that is me. I know it is not so convincing when it is me saying good things about myself. Being a law student for a long enough of time, I can no longer feeling secure for saying anything without questioning the reliability of my speech content without the support of evidences.

All I have to say is, get to know me.

Online dating as a lesbian is pretty insecure sometimes. Someone may express strong emotions for you all of a sudden and I freak out. Then there are tonnes of situation people just stop replying your text. I am not sure if this is an America thing or not, people tend to reply with really short sentences, mostly with [okay].Totally a turn off.

Perhaps the thing is, people greet online and should meet in real life within 7 days otherwise it will be all gone. I am not so ready for that perhaps, Despite I do think I never have problem to stay commit in a relationship as I have the dreadful characteristic of committing to so many things.

I never say I guarantee I won't break anybody heart. I quit the logic of relationship as things often just end without some prior signs or stuff. Relationship is getting more and more like a mystery to me.

You can live without ( ), as a matter of fact. You always get to survive without this person, despite or the heart breaking and struggles. Better or worse, this is as a matter of fact.

Then what could possibly ruined my heart now must be the legal profession qualifying board. Everyday I am checking my examination application status and is still processing, Just give me an answer, I am studying really hard and I deserved a chance to at least sit for the exam.


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