Blindfold me if it works

Hello Thursday! I didn't  study much yesterday. As I have mentioned, I spent most of the day drafting and updating my dad's will. I shouldn't have made him look bad as a father, I did purposely to some extent wanna reflect that. He isn't that fair of a person, instead double standard lots of the time.

His good part would be, he is at least still there for the children when they need him. Not an entirely awful and wicked person.
That's a really happy couple who is now married and expecting a baby together in the near future. ROSE AND ROSIE.

Then today I didn't wake up early to work out as well, such a failure. I spent my night, just like the other night watching Rose and Rosie, as well as Shannon and Cammie videos on youtube.

It is the way I used to escape from the reality, be it fun and somehow their videos would have taught me something, it is still bad to run away from reality instead of living in them.

One of the reason why people love them, besides their good looking ,there are the openness as well as sweetness of their relationship. The things people want to believe in are in them.
SHANNON AND CAMMIE was a really happy couple too but they have broke up.

It is interesting when they say, since I am a gay I do not know at first if I am just jealous about this girl,really want to be her or I want to touch her and be with her.
Of course all of them are still very close friends.

And then there are definitely low point in their life. It is funny too when the viewers commented 'when would puberty do this to me' like they did on them?I have that question too haha.

I may not be a classic Slytherin because I didn't do all I can to make sure I got the biggest share under the will and etc. I think if it works my nobleness and dignity worth more than that. Literally I am better than this, so cliche. For a moment I did think, at least you are such a kind person.

Another point which I think I am not Slytherin enough is, I don't usually fight for someone or something with others. I usually act as if I will have them eventually if it is meant to be. If I am honest to myself, I never quite thought I have the qualification and resources to do the fight, things are generally out of my control.A spiritual manner to explain that would be some higher power watching somewhere.

Some say if you do not turn once an instant affection into romantic love, it will stays as platonic friendship forever. Not that sad after all. Try be in love with a stranger is safer to do it with a best friend, so you don't stand that chance of losing this person in your life if things gone right.

After drafting the will yesterday, went out with a close friend at night. We don't share too much in commons but she is the only high school friend I have left. I have done some injustice things to her in the past and I don't think I can find anyone more loyal to a friend as she ever does to me.

I do appreciate her existences and etc. Although she doesn't know much about the sexuality thing but she doesn't has any opinion on my sexuality. Then we went for food, her style is more on Korean food and I suck with it.

After that we went to DESA PARK CITY do some random talking and walk for awhile. We have been through some low point in our life and that sort of happening to us at the same time, different issues at High school.

I think high school either makes someone feel like a Conqueror there, or just SHIT.

She talked to me on this internet friend she had, they met in real life for once. 'He was so disappointed at my physical appearance' and ' show no interest' to continue that meeting.
I said, this asshole doesn't deserve you anyway.She knew it and he looks like a shit head.* Got it figure* anyway.

We discussed about how someone physical appearance do changes things and in fact meant so much in so many context. Then she felt guilty for having her type of guy. Namely the tanned, tall, strong and slight muscular favour. I used to struggle with that too.

I mean I obviously have my type in mind. Then I know I am not pretty enough to even have my own type, people have eyes too okay?Let's not lie to yourself personalities mean it all.They don't even prevail so many times in reality.

Still we do have our preferences. And will love still happen given the physical preference just doesn't click later, YES IT CAN. I don't want to feel myself is a shallow person yet I do think I need not feel guilty about that.

P/s: Don't mind my moaning. I really should maintain a healthy lifestyle and start working out.


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