Look out !

Hi, Friday. Last night I studied till literally having a headache.

I have had a few strange dreams. A night before I ran away from my family. Last night I had my hair dye into ginger colour.

A youtuber[Shannon] is passing her 25 years old birthday and her friend told her you're halfway to 50 now. Her reaction was: Please don't say it again.

I am 24 this year after passing of my birthday and I am already [that close] to 50.

Our race starting line could have been different, some born richer, some born more physically attractive etc.... Mutatis Mutandis our ending point is the same, death.

Death is certain,fear & regret are simply stupid.

When I watch a show backed then I care more about the plot development. Now things have changed slightly which I admire the beauty of the landscape etc. I feel that the world is big and I want to visit so many places.

Not that I have never in my life imagine my life is about getting a job that enable me to travel everywhere.

There are times like now, I would actually forget about the whole single status situation.

I am single and that's okay. I am not that desperate and I have so many things to focus on. Life is short.

Strangely I often not feel much whenever I heard many big disasters where people keep sharing the Pray for who who post everywhere, basically allow them to overflow in FB page. I usually just see, look away and move on without feeling much.

All I can do is not forcing myself to feel anything, not faking them as well. I don't feel things then it is a matter of fact. I don't know them and bad things happen.

Today when I heard about London having this terrorist attack and when watching the news, the reporters portray the events and I looked at the crime scene think of the damage it caused, I felt sad.Too cliche a thing to say, my heart reach out to them.

Should I call it a bias? I am not sure. I just feel what I feel.

Life is too short to feel belittle, stuck myself with unnecessary struggles. They will always come and haunt me. And the studying process is tedious and stressful. Yet do remember life is short, tell the people you care for them, do things you feel like doing.


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