Nothing = Nobody/Nobody is nothing

Wow, Hi!

It's Saturday! I love my bed too much in the morning that caused me to be speechless.

Supergirl show gave me this effect that whenever someone said: 'We don't have a choice.'
I want to reply with,'Choice is only thing we left.'

Buddha loves to ask, you people think everything you see now meant forever. Buildings seem concrete and long lasting but it would collapse without maintenance within a century. You think the happiness you have now last forever, but circumstances changes, feelings faded and sickness take away life.

Nothing last forever, only as a matter of time. Time is a strange concept, you thought you know it, but the ability to quantify time does not  necessarily bring you understanding to it.

Our thoughts do not last forever. One day you feel like something, the another day the same thing just doesn't bring you the same happiness and satisfaction ever that it used to be.

It doesn't mean you don't mean it when you say it or do it or feel it. The changes do not take away everything, nevertheless it still changes things.

Some, and only some changes exist no yardstick of better or worse, things are only different. It is true that fact always remain as fact and human perception changes the nature of it.

When I look at the cast of Grey's anatomy I can see how one changes in life lead radically to a different path. Just one role in one television show series, changes career, changes income and mostly everything.

I wonder if ever there is this moment that would happen on me and changes everything, of course I hope it in a good way. Shouldn't bother with things that are so unforeseeable and remote right? Basically it is just so out of control.

How about some dreadful honest talk? I can't deal with mirror because I hate how I look like. I kind of cannot accept my weight and can't keep myself persistent on diet and workout routine.

That's bad. I know. You don't survive the 9 years old drowning to look like this shit and live a life avoiding this shit.

It should be something WITHIN your power. Just stop eating so much, which I don't think I eat that much but you are trying to lose weight and not maintaining your weight, things certainly are going to be different!

I hate myself that even 3 months I can't do it with the plan. You carry your body everywhere with you and if you are unhappy with it,how do you stand it? Definitely forget about it, when I am eating.


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