I wouldn't have time update my blog on Sunday. It will be whole day classes but I can't complain. Afterall I skip whole week classes except for Sunday.

Then I can schedule this update in advance.

Just had a haircut on Saturday and it is exceptional short. I don't like it. However I found a way to deal with it, my hat. Then I will feel all right in class.

Right, this is what DO I look like after the cut, just less cute.

Hair should grow really fast though. So let's move on. 

It doesn't look as bad with my hat. Otherwise it is just like a half broken dinosaur's egg. It cracks.

Not a big deal, let's go on with studies and make yourself useful. 

I can't pretty much predict what Sunday would look like, or I don't want to. Expectation usually sucks.

Then tonight should try my best to get enough sleep and be prepare for the EXCELLENT Sunday to arrive.

Thinking whether to do the eyebrow tattoo actually to match with my hair style if you are curious.

The cut cost you only RM 15 so cheer up.


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