SHUT UP! My HAPPINESS is trying to speak

Hi Friday! We should just do what makes us happy, especially enjoying the short term benefits before the long term thing arrive.

The possible biggest disappointment I have on myself would be my lack of persistency. However on studies I do not have that problem as much as I have it in other aspects of my life.

Music stays as a huge part of my life, without them I might not be able to make it through the rather tough time of my life.

Today my phone alarm rang at 520 am. I kind of unconsciously turned it off. Then around 6 am I suddenly jump up from my bed and recalled I did turned my alarm just now. Ironic I feel.

I walk mostly, but I did run for a bit, a short distance in between. I sold my sony walkman and apple earphone keep unattached itself whenever I try to run. Slightly annoying but either I solve it or I dump it in my process of running.

Today hopefully to be refreshing. I had a hard boiled egg and two toasted bread with peanut chocolate kaya as breakfast.

I wanted to be a vegetarian for a very long time, attempted for uncountable times and nothing last more than 3 months. I feel if someone thinking taking dog or rabbits as pets aren't so right, I have no right to say it because what's the difference since I am eating chicken,fishes and etc.

To break the rule like this feel relieving and have my temporary desire satisfied is really good. Yet overall I feel bad of myself after awhile, like I can't do that simply think I know is right for me.

How about this is for your happiness, do them!


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