Silence message

Wish to hear something enlighten from me? Yea, I don't know about it.

Yesterday is first day of my period, but today seem more like a formal one.

Sunday I attended the morning cass and drove home skipping the afternoon class. College may sounds fun as you can just skip classes. The fact is I skip classes to study myself, it is all about opportunity cost and choices.

Choose what you think is best for you, and believe in your instinct.

Funny thing my instinct doesn't work as much as I hope them to be. I only learn that it is better to believe THIS TIME your instinct is right and go for it. If you lose, okay I lost. Better if I try to think my instinct might be wrong THIS TIME, try the other one and end up my INSTINCT is right for THIS TIME.

Today concerned of washing my mattress sheet because yes, PERIOD.

Then Study will be an inevitable routine. Wash the bicycle my brother borrowed for his wife, and refill the tyres air. I could have go for a ride after this.

Love the weather as it is constantly raining. I love raining so much that I would never complain even if turns me into a wet chicken. This morning it rains, the air taste like mint in my mouth.

Sometimes I like to think majority of the populations are bisexual than a pure straight thing. Anyhow people are people.

Besides memorising tonnes of stuff into my brain, I try to record them as well.

Nothing is quite special about today. It is a Monday. More Monday to come, but none will ever be the same Monday ever, however ordinary this one might seem like.

A friend told me LPQB board has announced the examination timetable. My application to sit for the exam still haven't approve by them. So this is beyond weird.


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