Silent advocate

Hello, last day of March. End of March is going to be great! Since April fool is on 1st of April. I don't like April fool, we don't need a specific date to do that. And I especially do not think it is a great day. By the way my niece from my sister's side were born on that date roughly 9 years ago.

Legal Profession Qualifying Board [LPQB] did approved my application to sit for the exam, I paid the 4k and unknown what coming next.

After Companies Act 2016 amendment applied to this year, I've just got the amendment to Bankruptcy Act 1967. When I hope I don't have to relearn my syllabus and remember section and and procedures from a fresh starts, life also meant to throw in surprises. Besides for land law we also have very different new decisions governing Housing Developer which is also a very examinable part of the syllabus.

If happiness is only a state of attitude, then this isn't too bad a thing. Nobody is literally dying today.

I will just need to embrace the trials, find some cement to fix any hole possibly be leaking and hope it stays input for long enough.

Last night went out to have a drink with my dad and this TEH TARIK is causing me insomnia. No work out and waking up early for today.

When I should be looking at the greater picture, I also found myself get caught in many nonsense things and moment and allow my mind to get disturb by it. This is no good.

Like a weird guy I would like to called. 43 mid life married man with kid is actually after me, sounded gross enough. I shouldn't even be bother since I already kept a superb distance from him. So get over it and save your energy for real important stuff.

I bought two books from Kinokuniya online to my nieces [sister's children] as birthday gift and waiting patiently for it to get delivered. They actually offered limited choices of gift wrap service, since it is free I wouldn't complain too much. Just wait and see how would it looks like when they arrive.

Next I will talk about phobia. Last night when I get into my bedroom I was so shock that there is a GPS malfunctioning cockroach in there. I never consume any food or drinks, or store any foods in my bedroom, except plain water. I don't get why the cockroach is there.

Maybe it is just lost, and I know this cockroach is a [she].

The standard procedure on this matter should be me calling it an emergency for my mum to  finish the cockroach. My mum was sleeping and waking her up would mean one of two things:-

  1. She killed me first then extinguish that cockroach
  2. The cockroach vanished and my turn to become another corpse

First time ever in my life I have to kill the cockroach by myself, thank God this isn't a very active cockroach, if it flies I am out. I will call the ambulance or firefighter or just anyone. I killed it, dispose the dead body then clean up the scene.

No! It is not done. After all that only to allow me discovering another baby cockroach came from this mother cockroach. I was able to trace the baby cockroach from the scene from the mother cockroach final death position. I can't be more annoying. Redo the whole procedures. That kind of night I am having, top up with endless feeling of insomnia right after.

It leads me thinking my phobia on cockroaches. I am afraid of lizard touching me, rats getting near me etc. Cockroaches are the first ranking phobia insect on my list.

This isn't too much a logical phobia, a cockroach is unlikely to kill me or harm me, but definitely a powerful creatures to attack me on emotional level. I simply scream uncontrollably if it run towards my direction, or worse flying toward my direction.

At least my phobia to CLP is realistic. Then snakes could kill me by just one bite so that phobia seems logically. Can't call cockroaches an illogical phobia of mine, it is just too disgusting and gross to me.

Then is homophobia a sort of phobia having it's nature close to my cockroach phobia like people with different orientation has nothing to do with people who have no interest in their life. If you like to call it a sin, well it is not your sin as well so what's your locus standi to judge or even prejudice others and actively taking part of deny them the equal rights while these rights aren't a privilege that needed your permission to be granted.

If the cockroach doesn't get into my bedroom while I need to sleep, if it was just wandering around the corner I won't even take action to kill it, my phobia is at this highest level. I never oppose to right for cockroach to survive or reproduce until they really been laying their shit in my really private area.

Why am I comparing how I treat a cockroach to how people treat people? So yes you homophobia are wrong! End of the story.

I remember the little game I played in those primary school reading material known as ' CONNECT THE DOTS'. Once it is completed we can see the big picture as what intended to be show. Sometimes it is a star, sometimes it is a trees and a duck whatsoever.

In life it may just be like a treasure hunt thing, we have been given a minimal clues like few words on a card, a picture, a robe, just anything that made no freaking sense to you. Then the trials begin whether you like it or not. If you passed that you get to collect a 'dot', random one and you also have no freaking idea what is that suppose to mean.

Maybe, and MAYBE one day when you try to connect the dots, it will reveals you something and you will see all the little dots are some long figured arrangement. 

Of course I am saying maybe. Life generally like to mess you up and it doesn't has to justify itself.

P/s; I am a silent advocate that would fight for LGBT groups whenever I am giving a chance to. Sadly I am a silent advocate but, one day I may grow up loud. Don't blame me so much, I am not even famous to be that loud.


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