The night in Yugo

I felt drunk last night, I drank a cup of cappuccino. 

The restaurant my sister in law work at, Yugo due to partnership dispute will be close down soon. She and my brother will be moving to Sri Lanka due to my brother work relocation in less than 1 month time.

Last night she invited us to the restaurant, serve us food and paid the bill as well. My father, mum, nephew and I were there. It was a cool night, with lots of food.

That's the interior design of the restaurant. Their theme is fusion of Italian and Japanese food.

My parents seem to have some fun there.

Lot's of food, Mocha, Cappuccino,lemons teas and ice cream deserts. 

It is like a FEAST to me. I feel grateful of family, and other things in between. I don't enjoy the thing with Family way too much, but sometimes I do.

Funny how when we look back it is not those really big things or moments that I appreciate the most, instead it's all the tiny momentspieces of them that made up so much in my mind, and form those precious memories.

Some background story, the night I didn't sleep so well due to the excess Caffeine and I speak totally in British accent


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