What are you?

I promised myself to update my blog everyday. The hardest thing is not to find time do it. It is in fact mostly nothing so new in my life everyday to write about. However the plan is to make me appreciate more of tiny things of my life.

My Harry potter phone case broke. It has this [ I solemnly swear I am up to no good] quote on it. 

I know it it not the phone but still....Did nothing to it and things just crack by itself.

Monday is sad for most people because there is monday blue. I don't because no class for today. Imagine if in future I have to cast a forceful spell on me everyday just to wake up and go to work. Miserable life. I hope not but I do not see anything contrary to that.

I should have wake up early. Last night I did something stupid. Just because Carmen told me, some people say HARRY's son, Albus Severus Potter is gay.

I keep recalling and do not see anything that implied me of that kind. I literally re-read the whole play script at night, MIDNIGHT.

At least I got my final answer. The answer is no! To the MAX if someone must argue to the contrary he just may be BISEXUAL. 
This does not do justice to Hufflepuff though.

Did study for a bit today as well.

My mum always judge me by my easily change of heart. I just think sometimes I fall in love in something and I will be so obsessed with it, learn so much of it then when I have know enough I may walk away. It does not mean I do not come back. I need to move on. Also there are things I never leave all along.

Well yea I just think people have right to try things and when they realised the deeper layer of it then they get to made a choice. Not like I know I must look away before and when I started it. So yea, still broken hearts are kind of inevitable in relationship.

Some pride is good. So my personality is untouchable. 


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