What is a thing

Slept late last night, woke up late today. Not like over 12 pm later but after 9 am late. Drank coffee at noon yesterday, that somehow contributed to my mess up schedule.

I still got reminded myself of the blog everything plan. Today will be studying bankruptcy and winding up. Later my mum is going to perform eyebrow tattoo, on both of her eye brown. I am so afraid of the pain so most likely gotta skip it.

Have you got the urge to save everything like pictures, documents just in case one day you may need it and you have lost it entirely?I have that sometimes. Then sometimes I just want to delete everything and have a clean slack.

The more I keep looking into things, people, relationship, sexuality, all sort of orientations, the more I feel nothing is so different and rare. Anything can happen, it just depends if it happens frequent enough and do people got sufficiently educate on certain matter.

You might like to call yourself gay, lesbian,bisexual whatever orientation, and eventually you are a person, a human. It acts as a process for you to first keep pushing yourself to keep acknowledging your are somehow different, then to slowly feel that the differences started to fade away while universally you are a person and that is what is matters.

Do not settle for love. Love is meant to be when you love someone for who they are. If the feelings aren't mutual, you still love this person and it doesn't say anything negative on your part.

There are usually curiosity than hostility from people, and understanding generally will overwhelm prejudices.

As a Ravenclaw, I do think I might have sided Slytherin way too much, I am enjoying it.

My brother may be outstation for few months or more, to Sri Lanka. It just be fun I thought, I don't know about him.

Carmen with her family are in England now, I assume they are chilling there. I thought one day I will be physically standing at England ground be embrace my presence there.

The only and real success in life is being who you are and not worrying about how others going to think about it.

Although I could really use friends from different houses but if I must I do hope I have a very loyal friend from Slytherin. I mean it.


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