2 ways out

Hello, Thursday!

Today did wake up and I have better sleep than the night before my first run in the first week.
This is pretty much irrelevant but it is just funny.

35 minutes isn't much but my goal is to let my body slowly adapt as well as not risking to burn away my muscle instead of fat along the training process.

I started to get used to my phone speaking to me: 
  • Run for 1 minutes
  • Walk for 2 minutes
  • Keep moving
And not caring about what the other jogger would look at me. Yes, I do not have this Bluetooth headphone thing, yet.

Is everything associated with the words blue generally cool?

Actually not every colour has been used to describe a mood. No body says I feel white or black, or red today. 
I feel dark is another thing. Fair enough. I feel blue today....Hmm sounds weird but I guess if Monday's blue is a thing, you will get what I say. Then we have Bluetooth.

Blue blood.

I have found myself getting tears into 2 directions sometimes, maybe when I actually look into that.

Part of me, just wanting to strive and be excellent, extraordinary.


Another part of me, wants to be selfless and help the vulnerable groups in society-
sexually abuse children and women;fight for equal rights;help those without shelter and food.

I need to look into myself very carefully and bravely.

Չ.If you chose to excel, BE READY,:-
  • You are going to fall for so many times. 
  • You will have to face rejections.
  • You will have so much doubts as to who you are and if you have what it takes to succeed.
  • You will be confused if this is truly what you want & you will question if it is worthwhile.
  • You will lost your ways.
  • You will be alone, struggle no seeing the end of it.
  • Anxiety, stress,insecurity and how others going to put a sign on you

It is okay, Doubts is for the talented, gifted and ambitious people. You are one of them. I just hope you didn't eventually give up your moral code and principles and be the puppet in someone else plan. Do not lose yourself for you're. 

If you want such success, it is not an option for you to run away because it is difficult. It is not an option to lay there because others refuse to give you what you want.

Everything you wanted want you too. Ask for it, fight for it,for none extraordinary achieving is ever granted. Instead they all have to be earned.

Don't be afraid of letting people knowing what you want, even they think you never going to deserve that.

ֆ.If you chose to be selfless, before that ask yourself:-
  • Is it still the true selfless if eventually you do it because you will feel good about yourself?
  • Would it change anything and does it ever meant anything to you?
  • Is it because your fault perception that it is going to be easy, less confrontation to the possible failures and rejection or the question of IF I'M NEVER GOOF ENOUGH for it?
  • It won't be easy anyhow,you will face so much rejection,failures,unfair treatment,you may feel even more powerless.

Even the whole world disapprove you, despise of you, outs you, I will still be there for you. You just need to find out what you want, if not now, then along the process.


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