Building up a castle

Yesterday I did run but it was supposed to be on last Sunday. I sleep late and have class on that morning.

This end up to be the first run of week 3 on Tuesday.

I have found a new way to push up my studies, is to try minimise as much content to memorise as I could and put every chapter into a piece of paper map. It is not as easy as it sounds due to the bulk and I am trying.

I hated my life for being all about ' Preparation' and the final outcome has no 'guarantee' despite all the hard work and it's like a tiring and exhausted marathon. 

Keep studying for at least 9 months and vomit everything out in just an 3 hours exam. It is both tiring and depressing in term of physical and mental level.

Not to mention how unfair, and unreasonable is this so called 'local' bar exam in every freaking sense.

It is okay because I personally took it as a challenge, I signed up for it. I will endure it and do it regardless of the income.

Then even if you didn't make it, it doesn't mean you are weak. You are at least stronger than before.

During the long and tedious preparation period, you build up yourself to be better and you did become better.


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