Everything we can,oops not suppose to speak on your behalf

Hello Sunday, no workout today. Lots of classes today.

As usual I am preparing this post in advance on Saturday. I hope by today my throat has gone back to normal.

Actually I do not have especially much meaningful thing to talk about.

Except I will always feel like I come from the dark side.

I have no problem of that. I just need to be very true of myself. Merely seeing others keep doing something can actually motivate me and give me hope.

I don't always have hope, most of the them being positive makes me feel stupid and twisted. When it is not I am feeling I do not see a point to create such non existing happy feelings.

I should have tell you what my feelings are meeting up with my sister in law side family. I have some expectation on my sister in law's younger brother. At least he has a shorter age gap with me.

We might be friends, and the whole cliche thing or cross marrying not gonna happening because we definitely won't be each other type. At least not me.Unless he grows a vagina. Okay,that's gross.

I am not sure if he can do Mandarin, but I can do English too so hopefully that works. We might not even talk. Other than that there isn't much I have to expect for tomorrow, other than it just being a very ordinary thing.

After class tomorrow I should type out a summary of what I have learned to an old friend-[ not too close but since he asks for that favour]. He is a mature student that failed the Bar exam for sufficient times that is forever bar from taking it. Now he is on his first attempt on CLP. He took classes in ATC based on his history in BAC. He used to work as lecturer in BAC.

I am just doing him some favour since he expressly ask for my help. Maybe one day he would have do me a favour in other aspect of life.

P/s: What would I choose if I get to run 10 full Marathon in exchange of CLP examination passing. Bear with me, just passing but not any fancy grades. I never aim low in life, despite it works contrary to my surname. Yet I am very realistic when dealing with CLP. The answer of the question will always be YES.

Soooooo, anyone can draft a magical contract that makes this work? Please!


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