Never come back to life

Hello, wake up a bit late and it changes everything. MORE cars and stupid smoke.

I know I shouldn't allow stupid people to mess up with my inner peace.

  • They do not worth it
  • They definite do not deserve my time
  • They can spent ten times their life span to work on it and still never get to me
Driving an at least 20 years old broke car and keep stepping on the accelerator will never ever turned your piece of garbage into a fast and furious presentable race car. Not to mention how much dark and black polluted smoke keep getting out from your car.

You are ruining everything!
  • The weather
  • The fresh air in the moment
  • People's health and mood
  • The dogs and cats' mood and the singing birds performances
Lastly, I wish you car broke down and never come back to life.

This is my duck walk, my body still hasn't fully recover from yesterday work out. The program give me new things every next time I run.

This time it added sprint after running, so when I am already dying from the 'run' and waiting the 'walk 'session to begin again, it asks you to SPRINT!

I haven't die and it is fine. Next time it is going to be more SPRINT time, less walk time and more run time.

Now we are still on 80% SPRINT, I wonder how do I find the strength to do the 100% SPRINT next week. We will see. And I am not sure if I should do the next workout in the program tomorrow or Wednesday, taking one day break wouldn't be too much to ask for.

Maybe the author of BORN TO RUN is right, if you run for 4 hours and still not get the answer. You are never getting it.

Maybe one day I can constantly run for 4 hours and finish a marathon. Oh, that thought is crazy on my head now! Okay, a half marathon sounds so much better.


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