From April to July

It is like from LA to London.

My original plan was to update this blog again right after my exams are over.

My life is all about exams. That is my sole priority for so long. Ever since I started the law degree, until this final exams that should allow me to chamber and be a lawyer.

Endless question of DO you want to be a lawyer is out of picture. I want to pass this exam so much.

I haven't drive by myself to the exam venue yet. I hate the exam venue. University of Malaya is so big that you can get lost easily there.

Every night I would thought about, what if I failed?

Sometimes I feel I can pass, sometimes I don't. I did studied hard though. I always study hard.

Maybe it's because I think most likely I am not going to have romantic feelings toward Guys and I need something to compensate with. If I became a lawyer I would eventually make the equation rather balance.

Also I look at the job market and doesn't seem to find any job more interesting than trying lawyer stuff at the moment. In addition of the time and financial resources involved. I do rather pass this exam.

To be honest I might have over estimate my ability a bit but I have become so much stronger than I was during my A level times.

I want you to know that regardless passing or failing this exam, you fought for the war. It is all going to be okay.


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