Debts is meant to repay

A Spanish friend of mine that resides at Madrid told me, [ Sometimes I think you should be a writer. ]

We found each other on a website that allow people from different nationality and mother tongue to connect thus teaching each other languages.

I should teach her English and she teaches me Spanish. Somehow we grow into friends and language exchange lesson isn't all that important now.

It makes me happy when someone told me I speak like or write like a writer. I feel less happy when someone told me I act like a lawyer.

So how about these days? I get cozy and I plan to reject Aeon job offer. My brother invites me for a trip to Sri Lanka since he is working there. It has to happen within September 2017.

I have to renew my passport, it's been expired since Jan 2017.

Other really interesting in my life. I feel a bit annoy when I start working the little salary of mine has to be paying RM 350 as repayment of PTPTN loan. It is a loan, so deal with it.



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