Don't explain myself

One lesson I have to keep reinforce myself is, don't explain yourself. You did that too much.

This is not the first post I talked about this. Perhaps this time it has comes to a stronger position. You somehow know yourself better and you already can accept your style ( enjoying alone time and not viewing the lack of huge group of friends meant something deficient in your style).

Still in my writing or even my speech, I tend to fall into these trap of explain myself. If someone raise their eyebrows on something I've had, I get nervous and wanting to explain myself.


You are okay. You are even great. By the way people should really start minding their own business.

What is wrong with this world right? Care and concern have a whole different characteristics than being judgmental and too inquisitorial.

The next thing is, I have been wanting to practice minimalism. Quit my focus and attention on material stuff.

I like technology gadgets. I like expensive stuff. It just happened that things I like either won't call me bad or are expensive.

Money doesn't necessarily equal to value and qualify. Nevertheless cheaper than market place thing may have its price signal some hidden dangers to you.

Materials stuff require maintenance, eat up our energy, time, space, money and I basically have limited supply of all that.

The loan helps, online shopping sucks so closed that down and fancy things need a purpose. Things are meant to be tool that help but not trash that burden.

As for the exam result, no I haven't forget about you.

How about All the best?



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