What makes a person weak

Sometimes I feel that my love toward writing is like a mother's love toward its children. The act of writing itself gives me what I needed.

1.Lack of self confidence

If you can't believe yourself, nobody is going to make you feel otherwise. The world is ready to smack you down in any second. Especially if you are non white, non male, non straight and non rich or privileges.

Provided you think you can do it, more likely you will find a way to do. Or you are likely to accept the fate and stay where you are and wasted your life.

The truth is, you only live once.

2.Fail to shut the world out

The world may include anyone and anything. Perhaps your family, your friends, strangers and the society standard.

They want you to be normal, and fit into the norm so no one gets into troubles. Only that you are in an eminent trouble of killing your true self, bit by bit.

You may mix up the society standard and others wishes on you, as your own will.

Always believe in your gut's feeling, even if it could only last for one second.

They may tell you, it won't work. You look like a moron doing it. Stop wasting your time!

Take the last advice, stop letting anyone to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. Eventually they will praise themselves contributed to your succeed or blame yourself totally for not being able to stand up for yourself.

Before or after the outcome of your work, it is in fact none of their business. Credit or blame, it is all on you. Thus not that they have no say, but also you shouldn't let them.

Lastly, stop self bullying. They are people like me, who believe in preparing for the worst thus keep thinking of the worst so I can be motivated to push harder and be safe.

Sometimes imagination gets too real and depression started kicking in.

Hold on hope and believing in yourself. It won't reduce your chances of succeed. On the contrary it helps, before the final game result is out, you love yourself and love always win.

3.Taking things personally

Internet has make the world louder than it should be.

Everyone seem to have something to say, without knowing anything on the subject matter, not subject to consequences of their utterance.

Bullshit is all it is.

Don't accept the bullshit and it remains somebody else belonging. You have the power to reject, use it and claim it.

Even if others intend for it to be personal, know that you are so rare and precious. Malice people end up sting and rotted in hell. Don't allow them to drag you into the hell with them.

4.Deny your own demons

There are two major theories. Either you increase what you are lacking to balance things up. Or you strengthen your advantages and avoid those which may harm you.

They seem to go against each other.

My view is if human ain't born with a slight sense of evil thoughts and desires, we should all be angels.

I am not sure but heaven may be a bore place if there is only selfless and kind people. At least from the reality I know life is not all that peaceful.

Normal people have self control, a mere evil thoughts ain't all that world destructive. If you have to be selfish, most likely you do it for survival.

Use your demons wisely to figure out what is truly desires of yours. Pursuit of happiness is never a meaningless selfish act.

Don't celebrate selfless that much ended up killing yourself.

5. In need of others validation

The truth is unless they are the one who is approving your year end performance appraisal or your lecturers that is deciding factor of your final grade or even graduation date, none of them matters.

You are good, no validation needed. You are bad, lying won't help.

6.Victim of your circumstances

We always get caught in our surrounding circumstances. Sometimes it is a plus, sometimes it is the opposite.

Acknowledge the possible influences of those external factors. It is true that life is not fair. There is nothing wrong for you to be little more aggressive and fight for yourself.

Don't fall into the victim of circumstances.

Use it against your competitors. Create your own way out.

7. Say no, and stay No.

If you gut tells you, you don't want it, walk away. If a friend is toxic, draw a line and never come back.

Plenty good people lining up for that place in your life.

Give space for good seeds to grows.

8.Okay to be alone

Priority is yourself. Focus on yourself.

Don't be sorry. I admire people who are not sorry for standing up for themselves and be who they are.

Alone time helps you communicate better with yourself. Prioritize your own needs, since nobody else gonna be.

Don't wait for a hero to save you. Be your own hero.

P/s: The list is never exhaustive.



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