I still need more sleep

Sleep for 2 hours then get dragged out by mum. I look at everything in the grocery, all the living cost thoughts crush through my brain.

It is like in the Jurassic Park with magic monsters jungle.

 Below is the summary note I made for the book of { Why didn't they teach me this in School?} By Cary Siegel.

Life Lesson

  • Choose partner with similar/close finance principles and habits
  • Choose partner that recognize cost of divorce
  • Always spend below your means

Debit and Credit Card

  • Maximum 1 Credit Card for emergency
  • Pick lowest interest rate Credit Card
  • Plan your work; Work your plan
  • Try your best not get into debt
  • Use cash to feel the lost of money whenever possible

Budget and Saving

  • You are either a saver or a spender, there is no in between
  • Do month budget and net worth to assess your finance position
  • Save 90% of your bonus
  • Increase in salary, keep 50 % to saving/ investment
  • Learn to negotiate

Spending lesson

  • Check your bills, especially bank account and credit card statements
  • Do not buy what you can't afford
Investment lesson

  • No load mutual fund is without sales charges
  • Do not trust anyone else with your money (Not even investment manager)

  • Rent until afford to buy a house ( Monthly installment contribution maximum 25 % of gross income)
  • Cost of ownership
  • Negotiation start from reduction 10 % of offered price
  • Paid minimum 20 % of purchasing price deposit
  • 15 years down payment is the most ideal
  • Consideration :Location + Price


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