Is anger avoidable and manageable?

I have bad experiences with Mc Donald. The speed, service and line up, I hate it all. Then this night I forgot about it, a valuable lesson ( you have money but cooking could still be faster than lining up to buy food, even those are expensive and unhealthy food.)

This night I got mad at McD and switched to KFC 24 hours. Another round of long wait(45 minutes).

There are 3 lines, I picked the shortest and turn out it's the slowest line. The staff is so slow that I feel hopeless. Certainly I got mad.

No one should be surprise that my mum growing sarcastic speech on how I pick the slowest line. Things do not seem like what it is when you pick the shortest line up.

I said, you asked me to queue here since it is the shortest line. She thinks I am blaming her ( maybe I am.) then she said you always got very bad luck in getting a decent job and examination, it is about time you correct yourself on your temper. She means bad temper causes bad luck and I am constantly stuck in there.

I do not agree with all the bad luck theory. Like you do this to me, no wonder you @#$%^. I feel that she got offended and she has to find something to attack me so she won eventually.

I used to be very not okay with it. Then slowly it became unnecessary to emphasis too much important on this repeated occasions until the date of either of our death. I might passed away sooner than her, who knows?

I thought of it(anger) and guess be it a part of human emotions and expression, could I turn it to a different kind of energy? Perhaps I can, it takes some training but maybe I can improve.

What make me feel that anger shouldn't be neglected and meant to be express is that, firstly bad for mental health. Secondly, such a coward if you just keep sucking it all up.

There might be a differences between speak up,+assertive and anger. You can still be authoritative and uncompromising, without expressing irritation and frustration.

I say, I will try? Act like you always have  a choice. You are still the captain for the fate, and master of your soul.


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