Let me sleep

I am about to throw up any second by now.

Explanation: I sneaked out to get supper ( a meal and a drink) last night at the [mamak stall]. The drink( Teh Tarik] caused me severe insomnia which I couldn't rest for 1 second until now ( 7.11 am Malaysia time).

Around 6 30 am I went out for a jog. After less than 20 minutes it rains dogs and cats. I could have just let the rain fall on me ( I am dead now anyway), but I have to protect my shoes.

Just so you know, I love them(my shoes).

I hope I could finish this post and get back to sleep for real ( when my hair also dry itself).

This rain better toughen up and not stop until I finish my post, to team up my spirit.

There you go, stopped immediately. ( God hates me).

Anyway the sleepless night( the first 2 hours from 12 am when I still feel like sober) lead me to think, which I usually do( all the time).

I get myself another English name ( Danielle) than the one I born with(Winnie). No idea how long I will like it. I always love to keep a second name. I love the idea that I have an alternative ( freedom to choose).

Without counting the numbers of books:

I officially finished the book of [ Things school didn't teach me] as referred in previous post. I like the book. Later I am going to keep a short note post about the major thing I intended to record for this book. There are things I can only do after many years later of my life.

Then there are these other books on my life too. Now I am reading them at the same time [ changing hand depending on my mood].

Some might think I am up upon scary and controversial stuff. Lo and behold, maybe I am. It makes me feel real, like the world I am( we all are) in fact living in.

This is just one of the serial killer's stories. The most disturbing part could be : it is real and still happening.

Then there is 1 IT book.

 Another thriller.

I get this idea that I can write (in Chinese) stories about legal thriller. Nobody have done it based on Malaysia legal system context yet ( Not that I know of). At least not a female writer I suppose.

I always get told you can be other thing and still be a writer. I get it, but also in some extent I am lost.

Anyway I am talented, just that my creativity won't show without me brushing up my techniques and skills more.

P/s: I hope I can sleep now.


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