Personal finance management lesson

I have already lost count on the number of books I had read in my book challenge.

Anyhow I started reading on this book regarding the personal finance management. I try to draft my net worth and budget spending, then I feel bad already.

Like the earning is so little and I am not suppose to entitled to entertainment and only if I live under roof of my parents ( no freedom).

You live in someone else house, they can throw away your things without saying sorry because your mere existence already taking place.

There is a lot of stuff, like you should save, then invest also. Yes! how about investment plan because money depreciate. By the way I can't even afford to pay all the utilities bills adding on my contribution payable to the family.
That's the book content on personal finance management

Besides there is insurance, not only for health and life, accident. Your car need to pay loan and also insurance. Everything you own need to maintain. Car need insurance too.

It is from the book of Cary Siegel

So many stuff and all need money. Therefore after looking at those, my feeling is just think of every cents gonna spend and minimize them. Use lots of time to learn and improve and also earn money.

I am starting to appreciate on things that do not require much spending.

By the way I am not longer scare of the lack of romantic life, because that would likely cause more troubles in life.


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