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Hi there! Yeah I try to be productive today, like dragging for so long already. Except reading heavily on variety of book genre, I started do more house cleaning today.

Except the cleaning on sofa and floor, I deal specifically with this bookshelf too.

I have to clean up and rearrange stuff at least once a year on it.

I still to eliminate as many books as I can. If they are no longer useful I will give it away.

Next I am going to make a list of books I had read these days, on my kindle paper white, bought it years ago. I just bought $ 15 worth of gift card from Amazon and got free 1 month subscription of kindle unlimited so I try to read as many books as possible during this period of time.

Book 1

Invisible client by Victor Methos. 

My first ever legal fiction in my life was read after I studied for my Malaysia Bar Exam. 

But then many things seem so much in clarity when I read them. The plot makes so much more sense than the stupid legal drama created by TVB in Hong Kong. I can no longer bear with their stupid plots ever since years ago when I first started my legal studies in A level days.

The author of this book has a huge series of novel creations. He is a practicing lawyer so I guess he largely benefited by his real life working experiences.

I enjoy reading this book, spent around 1 day to finish them. I realized the so called [typical time to read] is it not for me?

I personally do not feel that I am a slow reader, I read tonnes of books within a very short span of time during my legal studies days and I have to make so many notes plus memorization + practise application of principles.

In a nutshell I am never a slow reader. I am not the fastest alive, but whatever.

Book 2

 Survivor: A Horror Thriller by K.R Griffin

It talks about the life of a cool blood serial killer. Not every serial killer end up having some big explosive trauma then started hurting people.

By the way not everyone can be understand by our own logic.

Book 3

The Demonic by Lee Mounford

Not that superb scary ghost stories but it is fine. I am okay with the description and imagination of the demon's manipulation powers.

I do not like the ending too much. I guess I favor the end someone powerful end up destroy the Demon kind of plot. 

I damn hate the stupid husband though.

I guess I somehow should figure that already when it says ' God does not exist.'

I enjoyed reading it. I read it even at midnight and got some nightmare, manageable nightmare.

Book 4

 Minimalism: Living a Simple life by Nicholas Fringe

Not the first minimalism book I read, pretty practical which I like.  I learned things from it. 

Many acted more like a reminder and reinforcement of value though. 

Also the minimalism approach should be practice in every part of our life, not just the place you live, your wardrobe.

Even your diet, your schedule, when you are on a trip, your social media life and even your finance management. Be simple, less clutter, organised and focus on the real important matters.

Avoid unnecessary distractions at all cost.

Book 5+ 6

I would have lump things up, it is about the sex guide of lesbians and I didn't took pictures of them. I ran through them really fast and just see if anything interest me. 

Some are fun, even include a guide to get a partner and state precisely choose your partner based on what you want out of the relationship. 

If that is merely sexual please be honest and communicate well with your other partner so no one gets hurt. I agree on that fully though.

Then I learn that wow there are many safety tool to ensure healthy sex and all that. Remind me of the articles I just read on baby birth, the cutting to let the baby out then the stitching and how things can went so wrong there.

I would take that all as a real fact scaring anyone to ever try it.

Too much notice can be kind of mess up that way. I still believe in the power of knowledge, just in case things went wrong you still have some sort of preparation for that.

Book 7

This is like all the procedure stuff I studied for my Malaysia Bar Exam. 

The most interesting part should be the distinction of terminology such as the differences between-
(a) Oppression
(c) Possession

“English-speaking practitioners generally use the four following terms to refer to the influence of evil spirits: Oppression – demonic influence which seems to come from outside a person, causing heaviness, weariness or discouragement. Oppressive spirits may be acquired through exposure to a heavy presence of evil: e.g. by participating in deliverance ministry (defined below), by being in a place where occult activities are taking place, by being placed under a curse, by coming into contact with items of witchcraft. Oppressive spirits may be dispelled by a simple command to leave in the name of Jesus. Obsession – demonic influence which seems to reside inside a person, usually afflicting a certain area of a person’s life in the form of strong habitual temptations. A person may open oneself to such influence by deliberately seeking the presence or power of evil spirits through witchcraft, Satanism, or fortune-telling (ouija, tarot etc.); demonic obsession may also occur through other grave sins which are not explicitly associated with the occult, e.g. sexual activity by consecrated or ordained persons pledged to celibacy. The obsessing spirit usually needs to be identified by name and cast out (i.e. commanded to leave) or bound (i.e. forbidden from exerting any further influence). Possession is very rare, and only occurs when human beings wilfully hand over complete control of their life to Satan, by expressly doing so or by embracing grave sin. Formal exorcism, sanctioned by the diocesan bishop, is always required in such cases.Infestation is used to refer to the influence of evil spirits over objects, animals, houses or places.”

― Michael FrezeThe Rite Of Exorcism The Roman Ritual: Rules, Procedures, Prayers of the Catholic Church
Then there are also many stuff like before and during and after exorcism, what should be and shouldn't be done, as well as by whom.

I have to say among all the exorcism movies I have watched, most of them portrayed the rules so well that I am impress.

I really love some of them and I watched them multiple times. Examples-:

1) The Rite (2011)

There are many more which I like, although not much relation on Exorcism matter.

2) Let me in (2010)

I find it sad that the guy who loves the girl main character almost and always have to face the same fate.

Honestly I like the girl so much that I may even consider doing that for her. 

3) The Witch (2015)

Meanwhile conjuring and insidious all those are famous and I love them but let's talk about those which are less well known in Malaysia.

I think the story is interesting as I never thought the ending would be like that. I personally like the historical setting.

4) Drag me to the hell (2009)

I honestly do not think a girl that kind deserve all that disasters. What really make me sick is when the old lady bite on the female main lead chin, I almost drop my eyes on the floor.

 No kidding, that's superb acting.

5) Don't knock twice (2016)

As for this movie, I wanna use the main female lead words to say,:" I thought I am safe here."

6) Hush (2016)

Concerned a deaf writer who is very talented and an unknown attacker, no ghost involve but still scary as hell.

7) The Others (2001)

The ending would have give you a whole new perspectives on looking at things.

8) Lights out (2016)

Simple topic but still interest to me and the female main lead is hot like hell.

9) Into the Forest (2016)

I think that's a pretty heart breaking movie and also show two strong female main leads. I love Ellen Page.

Not sure about you.

This whole introducing list of horror movies thing isn't the main idea of this post initially but then so be it.

Currently reading

 The Runners Philosophy by Luis Ruvalcaba


A Criminal Defense by William L Myers


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