New laptop

I have got a new laptop. First time trying HP product. I haven't adapt to the new keyboard.

My first laptop branded DELL and to me it sucks. This new laptop comes with 15.6 inches rather than the old 14 inches I had.

There are spaces between each key now.

I am not as angry as I was. I changed my mind on leaving the legal field. The marketing and direct sales interview I went for, it is to some extent creepy.

It works for some people. I read some really good article online and I thought I am not writing this that's why I have such a big gap to chase over.

Love to write is one thing, being really good at it is another. That involve a lot of planning and practice.

Job hunting will still go on. I think tonnes of rejections still awaiting. I have to stay strong.

Life is an adventure of course. There is so much needed to be learn and so much more mistakes to be made.

Right now my main focus is about a job, financial independence and other things come secondary, especially relationship stuff.


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