Tiny bit of human being

Job hunt is kinda tiring. Sometimes I wish the jobs would simply hunt me back.

Anyways, nothing really special been going on.

I am back to my vegetarian state. Get hungry easily. Fighting hard to resist temptation of meat.

I realized it is hard to understand and dissect people belief. We simply have different approach in life. It does not automatically make us bad or good people. Belief works in strange way that I can seem to look through them.

I just do not like hypocrite. And by believing in one thing but doing another seem deceiving to me. Yet I can somehow understand how it turns out that way. We want something, but that could eventually turn out to be too great for us to handle.

I wish human relationship does not get too complex. Currently anything stem from friendship should try the full avoidance for it to turn up as something more than that.

Interestingly, if you are single your only problem could just be you are single. When you are in a relationship the problem is more than that. Pessimistic approach is my way and it is dark there.

Christmas is coming. I wish you a Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.


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