A dark shadow

The night before 21/12/17, I couldn't sleep. Maybe I shouldn't watch youtube at night.

Then at midnight I eventually fall asleep. I know I was asleep.

I sleep on a 3.5 feet single bed mattress. There is no one on my right hand side when I was sleeping facing up to the ceiling. My right side is just a wall. I can clearly feel someone is poking my right arm with his finger.

Once, twice, until I eventually woke up. The kind of waking up is like a spiritual awake. Not like a revelation type. The difference compared to the physical awake is just that I would be blur, confuse or drowsy and sleepy when it happens. Spiritual awake is as if you never feel tired or you are not pull back from your sleeping mode. It is as if you are awake and fresh all the time.

When I was awake I have this question that who is poking me. I know I am still in a dream, this is not a reality. Yet somehow I also acknowledge that I am awake and something is happening thus I have to deal with it. Within a split second I know no one is possible, no human can poke me from the right side which is a solid face my bed is closely located to.

Then I try to observe my body position, I was still lying on my bed. My left hand is slowly falling out of my bed, half of it is swinging on the air. Later I saw this dark shadow in an adult male body shape. I couldn't see the face or if he is wearing anything. He doesn't say anything or have I heard any sound.

Everything is just virtual. He was wandering around my room, near my bed and my left hand. I thought I have to get physically awake and that's the only way I can get myself out of it. So I pray pray pray to every Gods I know. Eventually I got out and such a relief.

Technically nothing really happens, but to me something did happened although I can't be sure of what it is. Is it just a nightmare or is it true? 


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