Can't really calm down

My phone has been giving me lots of troubles. Now it has come to an ultimate point for me.

It can't last for more than 5, which in fact I time it so it lasts about 2 minutes and restarts from there repeatedly.

At least my laptop and phone does take turn to get screw. So I would still have something in hand.

Obviously I can't go online without data share by hotspot through my phone. Thus my mum's phone is providing that service now. That phone has its own problems.

Most electronic products in my household got their own unique character.

Eg. my washing machine has a unique way of shaking itself and made interesting noise. Many at times it just stop working half way, a few restarts would proven its stubborn nature. By the way if you plan to give up and take out your laundry to hand wash instead, it won't let you. The machine door is strictly closed until it decides to let go. Well at least that is a good place to store your dirty laundry.

The ceiling fan or the light or the television, all have a soul in them I guess. And most at their teenage rebellion days.

How do I deal with my exactly non functioning phone now. I checked, it is not on any particular apps. It is everything you do with your phone. I plan to send it to apple shop to see if they are gonna repair it for me, for free. I would be really angry if they charged me anything, because I bought it less than a year.

I can't get to those places without gps, so by public transport it has to be KLCC. It means I have to take the train whom I really hate.

Another troubles kicks in, my mum is so sick I has to stay home with her. If she falls or anything someone has to be at home or ready to call for help.

Then another problem I need a phone that works because I am going to a place which I am never familiar with the area or whatsoever, Kuchai Lama ladies and gentlemen, for a job interview. So GPS doesn't work, in fact the whole phone does not work.


Must it be now? On the Christmas month itself? Hallelujah.

No point being grumpy about the whole thing. What matter now is to fix it. Maybe and maybe Monday mum got better and you can waste your whole day go to apple store and they may give you a phone for temporary use.

I am not that positive about it all but whatever. When all of this is happening your dad just keep asking you to do a 100 times revised version of will for him, NOT HELPING!

And by him keep denying your phone has a problem is even more stupid.

Just a phone my dear. It is just a phone.


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