What do you still miss? Actually nothing much.

I used to miss my A level life way too much. Eventually I moved on and completed my degree then the bar exam.

I should be happy I guess. I am at a new stage of my life now.

Though my fancy level on how my life should turn out decreased to a moderate level which is closer to the reality.

I am a pessimist that can't be change. Still I had some pretty expectation on how Uni life should be, thanks to all the drama portrayed by the media.

Year end, supposedly everyone is happy. Your year end bonus is along the way. Christmas is coming and so be the New Year. All of us shall have a new beginning.

If you work hard, year end will be when you collect your reward. If this year is tough on you, at least a new start is coming so things should be different somehow.

I really do not know what would turn out to be. Of course I wish for something good.

I wish that I am stronger. I wish that nobody get hurt directly or indirectly because of me. I wish that the end of something would mean a nice beginning of something else and expectations stop hurting people so badly that it already has.


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