I am so seemingly tired. Day 5 in the hospital.4 My mum has this kidney infection that gone quite wrong.

I run everyday several times from hospital to my house. Have to do house work, water the plants, make fruit juice, did laundry for my mum (serious diarrhea,or else nothing to wear)..

Then I have to be at the hospital the other time to take care and monitor her. There is no Chinese in the hospital so I have to translate things for my mum. The nurse won't literally shower her, so I am on it.

My mum has to be remind of to drink water every 30 minutes, that's on me.

Then I have to fetch my dad from another place to the hospital then back to his house then back to my home. 4 ways everyday. I stayed up late, wake up early , cleaning the house as well.  Going to shop fruits, diapers and other stuff for my mum.

Not to forget I have to attend to. Yesterday it was to Kuchai Lama. And I will need to go back for second interview. Tomorrow morning it will be to RHB KL headquarter for another set of interview. Before that  I need to prepare and print out lots of documents provided by them, as well as doing online quiz. It is called assessment by the way.

I feel like I really need to rest. I am going to collapse in any second. The reason I still spend time to type this out, well Maybe just to let people know how I die if this thing really kill me.

I never have the vision that December is going to be such a torture to me. I don't even want to think about anything.

Good Luck.


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