Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas. many people celebrate it because it is before New Year, and it is a public holiday. Besides, people are exchanging gifts and cheerful all that.

Despite Santa Claus is a mere creation for the sake of commercial purpose, it works on quite well.

The same date in many many years ago some one, a prince high from the throne degrade himself to the earth to suffer and die for our sins. And Christmas is the Birthday of this loyal brother of us. Therefore for Christian or those who believe,today should be the day we feel grateful about everything we have or had.

I should write about a 2018 resolution or something like that.

Let's share with you a dream of  mine, a day ago. I don't know exactly what it means, or does it has any meaning. I want to believe that our dreams somehow is a way for our subconscious to communicate with our conscious self.

This dream has a werewolves. Initially there is this handsome and charming guy, probably very well dress. He appears in a dancing ball, grand and yellow lighted place. On the ceiling itself there is so many expensive crystal chandeliers hanging there. People are dancing happily and great atmosphere.

This guy meets a girl. It is a beautiful lady, I forgot if she is my type. They started dancing, and seem really into each other. Then something happened, a distraction causes them to lost their contact.

A seemingly fairy tale love story later bring up a very unexpected disclosure. Later in the dream there is this London ancient style underground train station building scene. Then he is the werewolf, hairy, tall, scary teeth, long nails.

He opened up the manhole somewhere and force out so many innocent and helpless ladies all dress in glamorous evening dress but all of them have been transformed into werewolves by this guy. I am guessing he bite them.

Now the ladies can no longer speak or explain themselves on what happen.

I was at shock of what I see in my dream. I am not a participant in the dream, but just a silent watcher.

No intention to create this creepy and sinister atmosphere during Christmas. I am kind of Happy that today is Christmas although for sure nothing really exciting is in my schedule today.

Once again, Merry Christmas. Just a mini documentation of my dream though.


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