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What is what

Almost forgot tomorrow would be Sunday. That means I will have to update my blog in advance.

I am still trying to record my notes, stuck in contract. I will still have tort.

Okay, what have I left with,:-

TortEvidenceEthics & DutiesBankruptcyProbateCivil Procedure-Easily 38 chapters trying to kill me Others do not have any lesser chapters to deal with.
What I have done,:- Criminal Procedure Just that one and I already feel like dying. I am not sure would this be the toughest exam I ever take in my life time. Let's hope that it is.
Usually talking to non CLP student could be harsh because they tend to give you the fact that,
Never mind, I do have friends who try to understand.
What should be next? I don't know. Talked to a friend today and she admitted she isn't a very ambitious person. She stays where she finds it happy.
I feels that I am the opposite of her. I am very ambitious. I couldn't allow myself to stay in a stage for too long.