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You can be honest with me

Hi, Monday!

It is good to get out of our own comfort zone. I only found myself getting out there to find out:-

For sure I really didn't like it, so I get back to status quoOr well, that's a good change A shorter period of time I tend to swear more in using the term of 'fucking', that is how rude I can get. At first I find it fun, too much restraint indeed is boring. Then later I get over it, fall back to status quo. I feel like more like me not using the phrase that frequent.
Before I talked about my conflicts of career choice etc. Talked about the other weird dreams I have had last night. I am slightly afraid that those weird dreams could be the most interesting part of my life. That would be really bad.
Scenario 1: I have a fight with my family. I have another friend staying with my family and I.She and I can communicate well but physically she isn't quite my type.She started kissing me, I wonder what first kiss would look like. End up I didn't like it. My mi…