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Gamble away my sorrows

That is my dinner last night, self cook vege soup. Simple as it is, throw everything in and cook them, done!

I am still sick, still on medication. Not sure if it is the effect of the medication or otherwise, I woke up every hour from my sleep.

I managed to wake up at 625 am and go for a run. Then I met with this stupid neighbor which I always know he exists. His house isn't big, but the main issue is he has 3 giant dogs.

Meaning throw who stand up is definitely higher than an average 5'6 man height and weight probably more than me! Okay, I am heavy so half of me. The combination of them definitely weighted more than me, I SWEAR!

Then the owner is a inferior male species of a kind, has 3 giant male ugly species dogs. I never hate dog in my life as bad as in this case. He walked his dogs twice a day. He allowed his dogs to pee at the tires of any car come into the vicinity of the neighborhood. Such as asshole.

Worse is today when I was running one of his unattended stupid and s…