It may works

I will try my best to update my blog everyday. But then I am not sure if this is what I want. If I could make it, shouldn't I spend sometimes writing other things?

Like a story, or something else.

First I wanna try this, a mix language blog post. A paragraph of it will be in English and another in Mandarin. I am not sure what am I trying to do, but this is my blog. It is my sovereignty.



I thought life would be colorful and happy after all. Then my mum admitted into hospital, my life welcomed another round of upside down. Now I finally got a job, a bank job at least. Still happiness isn't there.

I hate going to job, then I want to go home. When I get home, I thought maybe staying in office isn't that bad after all. Then the cycle remains.



Funny how I also write so randomly. I couldn't seem to create a theme and keep tracking on it. I do not even know what theme to stick with.

At least I figure out one thing. Perhaps I shouldn't take the credit.  I read a book. It is about script writing.  I learned that the characters created by me ain't me. They are never meant to complete me or to fulfill my real life fantasy. They are all different and independent personality from each other, including from me, the creator.

They should all have their agenda. Most of them started off in a bad place, that way the character and story can grow. Besides mistakes are more than necessary. Struggle is a must.



The point is I have to start writing, or things will just slowly fall apart. I need to keep it consistently. Regardless the progress. There is a tip given to me, write and never look back. When you finished everything, that is when you come back and correct or polish things up.

I will start tomorrow. After work, start writing. I know my main character is a girl. I haven't get her a name, in a strange way I wish I get the vision that she would tell me her name. I try to segregate myself from her.

Anyway, other chores to do.I gonna start the story in another blog.

Love you.


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