Limited weekend supply

Hi, so hard to finally pass through the week. 5 days working is hell. While 2 days weekend is not sufficient to be heaven.

Saturday, done some laundry, haven't iron my clothes. Sweep and mop the floor as my usual routine. Even now I have a job, I still feel restless. My mum can't stop telling me how important money is and if she can she would find a job.

I hope she finds a job.

Sometimes I think the outside world is trouble enough and I hate spending time with my family. Friday night, didn't go back home early. Then have to dinner with my dad. I hate the night I spent with him. I actually ask myself, why do it again if you hate it? Life is short.

So next week friday is all about getting home to sleep day. Time sis precious.

I haven't got a good escape plan for myself. My leave is so restrictive that I am angry. Then HR is also a pain in the ass.

I don't see a point in feeling bad my whole life, for what? Whatever the parents and the neighbours said, just fuck it.

It is either I leave before probation ends or I stay longer than that. If that is true then I will have to give three months notice. Meaning I will see if I should serve notice from December then leave around cny or March. Or I resign after I get my bonus if I get any. Latest I will leave by May 2019.

So I will finish my chamber around 2020? What a symbolic year. I might be weird to chamber at an older age like this I guess. I am not sure. I must chamber, that is what in my mind now.

Good thing is now wait for another 3 weeks I shall get paid, however little it is. Then I will have to pay for dinner with FAMILY, it feels like an obligation if I did it myself it is better. But when my dad actually asked me to do that, it feels like shit hole.

The point is I have to save money, because financial stress is a thing for me. I sometimes do not understand why my mum is doing this on me. Maybe she wants me to be responsible.

I already have a character that often worry about things and caused me negative emotions and she still have to do that to me. I hate that many at times. I am not even sure if I can get a leave before and after my brother wedding day, since March I most likely have to attend my CLP graduation as well. So I shall take 2 to 3 days leave.

Things can always get worse, so be grateful. That is the most motivational quote I can come out with.

Chambering life might be fun because I am finally on the way to be a lawyer. But since the pay will be sucks it could be another dreadful story to begin with. So rushing to jump from here to there may not be a wise decision to be made.

I wanna see this as a honeymoon. Because what comes next is actually worse.

I might not be a very cheerful person, but to be honest I am very practical and realistic.


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