This week of being an working adult

Hi there, I almost forgot to update my blog until I switched on my laptop for some transaction. I feel like it's been a long week.

First week working in the debt collection department of RHB Bank. Practically the first week I've only worked for 4 days since first of Jan is a public holiday.

Then the first 2 days of my job I haven't gain access to the systems I required to start my work thus I am not working but doing other stuff. I feel extremely bored these two days.

Some strict rules apply in this department. No playing with hand phone during working hour. No coming late to office, before 845 you need to be in the office, smart staff card won't lie on your behalf. Of course no going back earlier than stipulated time in your offer letter.

I thought I am suppose to update my working life everyday, so in the future you get to see how your younger self is doing with her first formal job in a bank. Then I have to wake up at 6 and get home quite late. I got home, shower, grab some dinner then sleep. That is how working life is like.

I guess people who do not have this problem is those who sacrifice their sleeping time to get more fun out of their life. Anyway, when weekend reach I just want to stay home and rest forever and be sad that Monday is there to torture me again.

I can be positive about this thing. At least you got a job. A Chinese colleague told me,: Anything that is new to you is good. I have to emphasis her race because we made up less than 1% of the population in the office.

My floor has 200+ staff and less than 10 Chinese. I am sort of lonely there, to some extent. I might be a bit racist, and I do feel a great sense of difference being the minority there again. My whole life has been a minority I guess.

Or I can say I am being special there, If I ever try to be positive about it.

Things can always get worse, or your situation is still manageable.

The workload is a lot a lot and how I miss typing on my own laptop. I do not like the computer and keyboard I have got there. Many systems to key in and proceed, speed is crucial. I am still learning and practicing. I am the only new staff there. The seniority of staff range from 5 years to 30 years working there.I am not just a  baby. but a fetus there.

I wish I get pay end of the month. I mean nothing very wrong should come up and cause me that, it is just that thinking of getting pay makes me feel the whole purpose of working is being that.

I am being slow and clumsy at work despite I am not trying to be that. Then KTM is a pain in the ass, but I am slowly trying to get to know it and match it better with my life schedule. I do not want to let it make my life miserable. Driving to work is pretty much out of option.

I have to make notes to help with my work during this weekend. Honestly I spent very carefully because being a cheap labor caused me serious financial awareness so I am becoming more stingy than ever in my life.

Overall this is new and I feel like I definitely won't stay for that long. But I don't know when I would be leaving yet.

Funny is months and years after I leave this job I am gonna be window dressing my time here. It is how our brains work, it is called the Methuselah Syndrome by the psychologist.

Maybe one day you would be really good at your work. I just know I won't drag until too late to start my chambering.


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