You only live once

My near future might just be like how it is now.

Update your blog in weekend. Can't wait for holidays to approach and sick of looking at the computer screen. Of course pay day should be the most exciting day of the month.

Congratz to those who are getting their bonus soon. I am a rookie that does not entitle to the bonus now.

Working is still tiring but I guess I am slowly getting use to it. Not like enjoying it but endurance level kind of increase for a bit. A lot to learn and the learning process may not end.

I am grateful there are some very kind colleagues out there to take care of me. Some is bad and sort of bully me for a bit. It is a normal phenomena I guess.

And I miss my days being a law student and can't stop thinking about the opportunity cost if I am now on the path to be a lawyer.

Besides I stop writing for so long I feel I give up a part of my soul. Which I can always start writing again, but I am tired mostly and got other things to deal with, chores in weekend.

Don't allow yourself to regret this life.

You only live once. 


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