A way

Hi, it's been awhile. Happy Chinese New Year!

My new year is simple. What I had today for food is mostly porridge I cooked for myself and my mum.

She got sick again, it's urine infection this time. Other implications include gastric,diarrhea, headache& vomiting.

I do admit that there  are times I feel that I feel too much, my emotions are often overwhelm and too sensitive for everything. Expectation burdens me.

I always feel that everyone want something from me.

This time I feel the burden is actually more than that. Your parents are old and they required a lot of care, your time is trapped down.

I do not want to see them as burden because they are my parents but I do not want to deny my feelings. I guess you just follow the flow.

Perhaps God will not give you something you can't handle. There will be a way to do it.


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