Crap Car Insurance

First thing first, I am not every happy now. My car insurance agent is pretty much incompetent to me. Next year I won't be purchasing my insurance from him anymore.

It took forever for them to get the official police report for me then to find a workshop. Now after a week vacation at Sri Lanka they still failed to initiate the repair process for me, which is frustration.

I will have to take grab to work for April, imagine the extra cost I would have to incur for myself.

Move on from that, I just came back from a week trip from Sri Lanka. I only managed to visit Colombo. When I got home the weather is bad thus I had some difficult time on board. Anyway I reached home safely despite some vomiting in the airport toilet proven inevitable.

April gonna start working, not sure how I should feel about it. I guess it should be cool. Before a flight can fly on the sky it requires some warming up and speeding on the ground, now is exactly the speeding time on ground.

I have to take a few days rest before I can finally recover from the energy I lost during this trip.

I always have a feeling that do no depend on others to do your work, most of the time they screw up. The insurance thing totally ruin my mood. I try not to think about it since that's not gonna change things at all.


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