New life, not necessarily better or worse

I enjoy today is Saturday. Though I have things to do for work.

I have to write a pupillage journal upon my master's request on daily basis. So yea I might not be free.

I am not free.

People in my firm could work from 9 am to 1 am, that is not uncommon.

So I believe legal profession can be a stressful profession. My law degree and CLP indeed serve me not much in this reality.

My pupillage journal is for the firm record, imagine how do I write it. Too personal, bad. Too professional, I do not know how to do that. Any complain, are you sure you wanna write it down?

Other pupil doesn't has to do it, because she is under another master. Honestly do I like doing it? Half half.

I feel my master concern and care about my progress. And it is for tracking purpose.

My sister told me I am too negative, and I thought if that is reality might as well be true about it. Life sucks. It doesn't mean it is giving up I guess. Even if it is, then what?

Don't ever talk about feelings with family members. It gonna be sucks.

I have 9 months to go for chambering, but even if that's done I still need to wait for 3 more months to be call for long call. Overall 1 year chambering I supposed.


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